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I feel like the need to update...

Let's see...

Well lets start with school...
1) 26 days left w/weekends, 20 w/o weekends (last day of school april 23rd, Last exam april 27th)
I have dropped sex and todays now i have 9 credits...

...i can't wait to get out of this dorm...i cannot stand the people that live on my hall...They are way to loud at night..up untill like 3 in the morning...soo annoying but whatever...i never have to see any of them again!!!!!!!!!!! So now you know why i can't wait to get outta of here...

My summer will be spent in maine, working. I am so not complaining after what i did last summer...(taking summer classes) Classes in the summer suck. They start early and they last forever!!! Being stuck in tampa sucks in the summer...
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Hey sorry about last night, that was Cory talking to you the whole time. I was pretty much just chilling out on my futon watching TV. He likes talking to my buddies and giving them crap.

Anyway can't wait to see you. Just a little over a month. I will be taking summer classes this summer and I will probably be working anywhere between 1 and 3 jobs at some points as well. Oh this summer is going to suck in that way.