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Well its a saturday night ...and iam updating my journal...LOSER. Actually this week plus friday night has been a really really really good!!! I mean i said before that i got my choice for housing and roommate too! BUT i also recieved grades back this week. Here's how it went.......

College Algebra-test-87
Social Psych- midterm- 80
Intro to the Black exp.- paper-92..

Yes i know...I left out sex and today's world..but you see i didn't recieve a test or paper back this past week...but i have my midterm in it on Wednesday....( i really hope i do good on it..b/c i got a 68 on my first test..ERRRR!!!...SO..i kinda have to do good on it)..or else..

Anyways last night was soooooo fun!! We were all set on going to Pleasure Island (orlando) Anyways we drive to orlando and right before orlando we go to this rest stop..and go in and change into our club clothes...(keep in mind its 45 degrees out) And we are freezing when we go back to the car...and these guys are in their car getting in..and they totally were starring out they left the parking lot...LOL...So we finally get there..and we decide its way tooo cold to go clubbing...because we are like we can't bring our jackets and go we decided on walking around downtown disney...we went to the movies there and saw 50 first dates @ 12:30am...and i wish i could give it a review...HOWEVER...i kinda fell the middle..OPPS!!! But i think im going to end up seeing in all is good!!! Afterwards..we took our freezing selves to the car and went to Dennys to find some good food...BUT THE WORST SERVICE!!!...the old guy just could not take orders!!!

Today was kinda boring...we left celebration (orlando) and came back to good ole usf....Had food at argos...they had bacon, tator tots...and strawberries!!!! I went back to my room and worked on sex and today's world stuff...and also intro to the black exp..

Tommorrow should be okay...I am going to study hardcore...well atleast try to!!! Because tommorrow night i have to go see a play for my intro to the black exp. class and write a two page paper on it..due tuesday night...I will probably do the paper right after the play.

Things to do this comming week..
STUDY STUDY STUDY (mon, tues, wed)
Pack (YAY i get to go homeee!!!!)
Math Lab for 1 hour :(
Wash some clothes

Well thats about it...Oh yea
another comment- Personality does not change...the person was never just never knew them..

WBM (what bothers me) People who stop talking to you.....for NO reason whatsoever... (big pet peeve) whatever...
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