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Everything since my last update...LOL!

Ok. So I have been busy lately and i have not really updated. Spring Break in like 8 days!!!!!!! Can't wait...all i can is a tan for me! Back to updating...

School- School is not that bad. i just took two tests this past week, one yesterday and one today....College Algebra and social psych! The two other class, I'm not doing that well in. Sex and todays world...and intro to the black exp.(im not sure about that one...since i haven't gotten a grade on it yet)

Housing- I just signed up for housing for the fall and spring!!!!
Carri got our choice...We are in HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Holly F...which is like the best location...I'm sooooo happy about it....Because I hate castor soooooo much...some of the people are soooo gross..( i have seen some people not wash their hands , they talk on the phone in the bathroom) The showers look like they have been cleaned!!! Paper towels are gone by saturday night or sunday morning! I just want this year to be over and for summer to come!!! And come next year...i will like where i am staying!!!!

Back to springbreak...i just wanna lay by the pool and eat! I wanna come back with a tan.

Now I am going to take a shower...and clean after....and maybe do some hw? Maybe? I guess i will, since I skipped class tonight....
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